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Frequently asked questions asked using the Contact link in the menu are answered here by HERMES administrators.

Web Hosting

Q: Does the server interpret PERL scripts?
A: Yes and no. Yes, the local scripts are all implemented in PERL. No, users' PERL scripts are not interpreted. For users, PHP is the only available scripting language.

Q: Both urls, and http://mydomain, provide correct access to my site. But https://mydomain displays a 404 error: not found. Why?
A: The web server of your domain has no certificate installed in the system, nor have secure (https) connections to it been defined. If you need  the https://mydomain url with a regular certificate, you have to buy one from a Certificate Authority, e.g. VeriSign, Thawte, etc., and mail it to us. Then, we'll set it up for https://mydomain.

Shopping Cart

Q: When I try to test my e-shop, the server tells me "The shopping cart has not been configured by its owner properly. Please, send a message to that effect to". What's up?
A: The lack of any user name in the e-mail address indicates that you haven't used the cart configuration program at all. Please, run If the address were yours, it would have indicated an error in the existing configuration.

Q: I got the message "The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL/user_name/default.htm." from the server. Why?
A: You have probably put the 'Add to Cart' button outside the <form .../form>.

Q: Is it possible for the server to send me details of some transactions again? By mistake, I've removed messages from my inbox and trash, thus loosing all recent transactions.
A: Unfortunately not. The server forgets every transaction as soon as it sends transaction details to the web owner.

Q: Why is there no credit card option for payments?
A: Shopping cart operates through regular rather than secure (https) connections. The latter are practically required if someone is asked for one's credit card details. If you have an SSL certificate issued by a Certificate Authority for the www server of your domain, let us know, and we'll set up the credit card option as well as the https protocol for your site. Otherwise, consider using PayPal as a form of payment. They have their own secure servers, and provide a wide range of payment options.