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Domain Hosting

Registration and delegation

Before a domain can be hosted on HERMES servers, it must be registered by its owner.

Australian domain names can be registered with one of registrars listed by auDA (.au Domain Administration). Each of the registrars has a collection of utilities and on-line forms for the management of domains. They may also have links for registration and maintenance of domains other than within .au.

After successful registration of a domain, its owner receives its key with which he/she can use the registrar's on-line forms to delegate the domain, i.e. provide names of its primary and secondary DNS servers. For domains hosted by HERMES, the DNS servers are:
  • primary
  • secondary


Once a domain name has been registered with any registration authority, including foreign ones, even before it is delegated, HERMES can host it, i.e. its owner may click Login in the menu, and Domains in the top menu, thus opening the form of domain management facilities, including:
  • add/remove a domain,
  • add/remove an email address within the domain,
  • point to a folder in the owner's web space, containing the domain web site.