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Acceptable Use Policy

You are expected to use HERMES services with respect, courtesy, and responsibility towards other Internet users, giving due regard to their rights.

You are also expected to take all reasonable precautions to protect your password against its use by unauthorized person(s), thus protecting your domain(s), site(s) and mail against destruction and/or misuse, see Security in the menu.

By using HERMES services, you agree to comply with the latest version of this Policy. You can expect a new version when new laws governing the Internet use are introduced and/or new threats to the Internet effective operation are identified and/or new ways of the Internet misuse are detected. It is your responsibility to be aware of updates to the Policy - read this page and pages referenced below reasonably often.

The Internet rules and regulations presented at the following sites are all in force with regard to the HERMES services:
In particular, the following uses of HERMES services are not only deemed unacceptable but also considered criminal offenses that may be reported to the police:
  • dissemination of spam, chain letters, etc.,
  • sending messages with forged return addresses, i.e. addresses that do not belong to the sender,
  • provision of unauthorized access to any copyrighted material, including text, software, images, music, video, etc.,
  • provision of access to material that is obscene, offensive, fraudulent, libellous, etc.,
  • setting up phishing web sites, i.e. sites that pretend to be of other organizations, prompting their members to reveal their personal data (accounts, passwords, etc.),
  • setting up malicious php scripts that could be included in other scripts possibly running on other www servers,
  • setting up scripts attempting to break-in into other hosts on the Internet,
  • setting up scripts scanning other hosts on the Internet for open ports,
  • setting up scripts attempting DOS (denial of service) attacks on other hosts on the Internet,
  • provision of software the purpose of which is break-in into other hosts on the Internet, dissemination of spam, setting up phishing web sites, scanning of open ports of other hosts, DOS (denial of service) attacks on other hosts, etc.
If your password is stolen, you may expect it to be used for any of the purposes listed above as criminal offenses. Moreover, it might be rather difficult to trace an unauthorized use of your user name and password back to the actual culprit. He/she could operate from a host located in another country, and his/her identity could be unattainable. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to follow the advice given on the Security pages of this site.