HERMES is a continuation of Hermes Internet, an ISP founded in 1996 and operating till the end of 2009 when it ceased provision of access to the Internet and mail services for its customers. Web and domain hosting continues under the name of HERMES.

Services of HERMES are available to invited members only. They are free of charge.

Invitations are issued at the discretion of HERMES owners, to people recommended by existing members. Acceptance of HERMES invitation and use of its services impose compliance with Acceptable Use Policy of HERMES (see the menu).

HERMES services may be suspended or denied to a member

  • who does not comply with the Acceptable Use Policy, or
  • whose domain or web site is misconfigured, vulnerable to external attacks, posing a threat to other sites or HERMES servers, etc,
  • whose website becomes too popular, that is causes too much traffic (exceeding 100MB daily on average), thus disrupting the normal smooth www service for all hosted web sites.

HERMES owners reserve the right to modify the above rules and/or its Acceptable Use Policy  any time.

To see detailed descriptions of HERMES services, use relevant menu items. A click on Login takes you to the secure section of the HERMES site, thus ensuring encryption of data transferred to and from the server, and results in the HERMES membership authentication box, and further, in another menu appearing at the top - for members to manage their domains, web spaces, and the way of handling their mail. Clicking Login for the first time pops up a warning issued by one's browser that the site selfsigned certificate is not to be trusted, and a question whether to cancel or continue the connection. A relevant explanation and advice can be found on the Security page under the Selfsigned certificates paragraph.

To provide all the services HERMES needs some voluntary donations from its members. Please, consider using the Donate button above.