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Major projects are listed on the left. This is a work in progress. As another attempt at making a coherent collection of music there is

Most of this is gregorian chant typest using OpusTeX. Gregorio is developing into a fine alternative. OpusTeX is old, difficult to use, but its free and it works. Gregorio is new, easier to use, more completely free and it is under active development, so if you do come across a bug you can tell someone and get it fixed. In about ten years time, when my children are more grown up, I hope to use it a lot.

Other programs I use for modern music notation are MusiXTeX, PMX and M-Tx. These are featured in the Werner Icking Music Archive. Recently I tried using Lilypond. I was pleasantly surprised by how much more sophisticated it is. I've used it to type up some classical guitar music. The Lilypond fonts are also a little more handsome than most.

Those are all TeX based programs. All require source files edited with a text editor (I used to use Emacs, now using Vim). Its an old fashioned way to prepare printable documents, but it works!

Jubilate Deo

In 1974 Pope Paul VI issued a little booklet called Jubilate Deo. It gave a minimum repertoire of Gregorian Chant to be used throughout the world. It keeps things really simple.

Using the margin notes capabilities of LaTeX I've tried a different way of laying out the page with the latin text in the main section and english in the wide margins. The pages are a4. You can see the progress so far in jubilate.pdf and for the TeXnicians here is the source jubilate.tar.gz.

Rosary in Latin

A little card for saying the rosary in latin. The chant for the Pater Noster and the Salve Regina is included. It doesn't have the English translations. Have a look at rosary.pdf and for the TeXnicians rosary.tar.gz.

Mass of the Dead

A mass booklet for a funeral. Needs some work, but its almost there. Chant for all the propers and ordinary done. Also includes the parts of the Mass. 34 pages dead.pdf and dead.tar.gz

Miscellaneous Pieces

In the process of adding any music that may be clear of copyright.

I have an informal guitar/recorder/singing class that I arrange music for. The songs are usually very simple with diagrammed chords for the guitars.

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Last updated: 12 Dec 2011